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Fruityloops is a proprietary music production software package. Fruityloops is a pattern based audio sequencer, which allows internal mixing of sounds and advanced MIDI support. It comes with the option of rendering option a track into several different audio formats such as WAV, mp3. Instrumental effects include reverb, chorus, flanger and the like. It uses internal 32 bit floating point audio mixing, at 44 KHz stereo sampling frequency.

The name "Fruityloops" is a take-off on a commercial brand of breakfast cereal, Froot Loops.

Fruityloops has become widely used in the music industry, because of its step sequencer and piano roll. The step sequencer includes graph editor and keyboard editor while Piano roll includes Chopper and LFO tool. These tools are intended to make it simple for a user to create a track, and assist in the creation of musical notation.

The play list contains a sequencer window where you can connect sets of patterns you created earlier with generators to create melody. As of 2003, the demonstration version of Fruityloops shipped with a number of generators, but not all were included and some required a purchase of the full version.

List of generators

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A tool that can be used externally without Fruityloops is Beatcreator.

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