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Murad I

Murad I (nick-named Hüdavendigar, the God-like one) was the ruler of the Ottoman Empire from 1359 to 1389. He established the Empire by building up a society and government in the newly conquered city of Adrianople (which Murad renamed Edirne) and by expanding the realm in Europe, bringing most of the Balkan under Ottoman rule and forcing the Byzantine emperor to pay him tribute. It was Murad who changed the Osmanli tribe into an empire. He established the title of sultan in the 1380s and the institutions of the Janissaries and the devşirm; the government of the divan; and the military judge, the kaziasker. Murad was assassinated by Milosh Obilich, a Serbian noble, during the Battle of Kosovo.

Preceded by:
Orhan I
Murad I
1359 to 1389
Succeeded by:
Beyazid I