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Milosh Obilich

Miloš Obilić
A modern artist's view
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Miloš Obilić was the Captain of the Serbian right army wing at the Battle of Kosovo, between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire. Miloš Obilic assassinated the Ottoman sultan Murad I.

On June 15th, 1389, Miloš made his way into the Ottoman camp on the pretext of being a deserter, forced his way into the Sultan's tent and stabbed him to death. Miloš Obilic was later executed together with all other Serbian prisoners by Murad's son, Beyazid I.

This event and the Kosovo battle itself is deeply embedded in the Serbian national consciousness, history, and poetry. This deed was proclaimed as Miloš Obilic's inmost desire to pay tribute to his people and to sacrifice himself in order to strike a blow against tyranny.

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