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Under an ambiguously-worded Order-in-Council issued in 1960, the name Mountbatten-Windsor is the personal surname of the descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It differs from the official name of the British Royal Family or Royal House, which remains Windsor. The change of surname does not apply to members of the royal family who are not descended from the Queen. The Order specifically applies the surname to those descendants of the Queen not holding Royal styles and titles but in practice it is used by all the British Royal Family descended from Queen Elizabeth II as their surname, as shown at the marriages of the Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal, when both used Mountbatten-Windsor in the banns issued announcing their marriages.

Holders of the surname Mountbatten-Windsor

The following people either hold or have held, under the above common interpretation, the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. They are listed in the order of succession to the Crown. Of course, few of these people actually use this surname, owing to the styles that are used for members of the Royal Family. For example, when the Duke of York was in the Navy, he was referred to as Lieutenant His Royal Highness, the Prince Andrew before he became the Duke of York, and Lieutenant His Royal Highness, the Duke of York afterwards - but not Lieutenant Mountbatten-Windsor. While Mountbatten-Windsor was entered into the marriage register for Prince Andrew and Princess Anne, the Prince of Wales was entered as simply "The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George".