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This is about the Welsh town of Monmouth. For other uses, see Monmouth (disambiguation).

Monmouth is a historic town in south Wales, county town of the historic county of Monmouthshire. It is situated at the confluence of the River Wye and River Monnow, and hence the name Monmouth is an abbreviation of 'Monnow Mouth'.

Monmouth boasts a 13th century stone gated bridge, unique in Britain as it is the only preserved bridge of its design remaining. Work is currently being undertaken on a second Monnow crossing to relieve pressure from motor vehicles on the old bridge. This project however has meant the demolition of the old cattle market, thus Monmouth is no longer the market town it has traditionally been, however a farmers' market selling local produce is still held.

Some famous people associated with Monmouth include:

Monmouth is also the name of a county in central New Jersey, in the United States of America.