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Mohammed Atef

Mohammed Atef (also transliterated as Muhammad Atef, Muhammed Atef, and several other ways) was the alleged military chief of the international terrorist organization Al-Qaida.

He had Abu Hafez, Abu Hafs, Abu Hafs El-Masry El-Khabir, Taysir, Sheikh Taysir Abdullah, Abu Khadijah, and other names as aliases.

Atef was a policeman in his native Egypt and a member of the group Egyptian Islamic Jihad before he came to Al-Qaida.

U.S. Prosecutors say that he instigated the attacks on U.S. forces in Somalia in 1993.

He became wanted by the U.S. government after the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings.

The FBI offered a five million dollar bounty for the capture of Atef.

Atef was probably killed during a bombing in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

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