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Miss Marple

Jane Marple, usually known as Miss Marple, is a fictional character appearing in many Agatha Christie novels.

She lives in the little village of St. Mary Mead. She looks like an ordinary spinster, in tweed and with a curiosity as wide as the world, but when it comes to solving mysteries, she turns out to have a sharp logical mind. In the best detective story tradition, she often embarrasses the local "professional" police, usually by making an analogy with some village occurrence or character.

Joan Hickson

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Books featuring Miss Marple


Margaret Rutherford
Miss Marple has also appeared in movies. Margaret Rutherford played her in:

Television and Radio

There was a long-running and popular BBC TV series in the 1980s with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple, which dramatised many of the original books. It was also televised in Germany. The television show followed the plots of the books considerably more closely than did the Rutherford films.

BBC Radio 4 also dramatised several of the books with June Whitfield as Miss Marple.

Angela Lansbury played Miss Marple in the film of The Mirror Crack'd. She later appeared in a television show, Murder, She Wrote that to some degree was based on Miss Marple and another Christie character, Ariadne Oliver, a detective story author who attempts to solve crimes.


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