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In J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional Middle-earth, Míriel Serindë was the first wife of Finwë, King of the Noldor. Her son was Curufinwë, whom she called Fëanor, which means 'Spirit of Fire'.

Míriel was also the name of the daughter of King Tar-Palantir, and the rightful heir of Númenor. She should have been Queen, but her throne was usurped by her husband, Ar-Pharazôn, who gave her the name Ar-Zimraphel (as Ruling Queen she would have prefixed the Quenya Tar- to her own name, rather than using the Adunaic). When the Valar sank Númenor, Míriel attempted to ascend Meneltarma, but she drowned before she reached the summit.