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Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune (or Strib as it is called by locals) is the product of mergers between several newspapers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minneapolis Tribune was founded in 1867, and operated by the Murphy family between 1891 and 1941. The Minneapolis Journal was founded in 1878 as an evening paper. The Minneapolis Times was a morning paper starting in 1899. Finally the Minnesota Daily Star began printing in 1920, and later became the Minneapolis Star.

The Star was purchased by the Cowles family in 1935, the Journal was purchased in 1939 and merged, the Tribune was bought in 1941. The papers (Star Journal and Tribune) were operated as separate morning and evening papers. In 1982, the papers were merged into the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, and in 1987 adopted the present name.

The paper's main competitor is the St. Paul-based Pioneer Press.

In 1998 the McClatchy Newspapers purchased Cowles Media Company.

In 2003 the Sunday circulation was above 669,000 copies, and weekday circulation is above 375,500.

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