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Military of Greece

The Military of Greece is composed from the Hellenic Army, the Hellenic Navy and the Hellenic Air Force.

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Military branches:

Military manpower - military age: 18 years of age

Military manpower - availability:
males age 15-49: 2,668,872 (2002 est.)

Military manpower - fit for military service:
males age 15-49: 2,034,192 (2002 est.)

Military manpower - reaching military age annually:
males: 77,976 (2002 est.)

Military expenditures - dollar figure: $6.12 billion (FY99/00 est.)

Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 4.91% (FY99/00 est.)

401 GSNA

401 General Military Hospital of Athens (401 GSNA, Geniko Stratiotiko Nosokomeio Athinon; 401 ΓΣΝΑ, Γενικό Στρατιωτικό Νοσοκομείο Αθηνών) is a military hospital located in Athens, Greece, near Katechaki Metro station.


401 GSNA is the largest and the most famous military hospital in Greece and one of the most well-equiped hospitals in the country. Soldiers and army officers are sent to 401 for treatment from all over the Greece.


401 GSNA is a major goverment funded hospital.

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