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Mandarin Airlines Flight 642

Mandarin Airlines Flight 642 was a flight that flew from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok to Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong.

At about 6:43 P.M. on 22 August 1999, B-150, the MD-11 was trying to land when a severe Tropical Storm Sam was 50km NE of the airport. During the final flare to land, the plane banked on its right, landed hard on its right main gear and the no.3 engine touched the runway. The right main gear separated and the right wing separated. The plane rolled upside down and skidded off the runway in flames. When it stopped, it was on its back and the rear of the plane was on fire, coming to rest on a grass area next to the runway, 1100m from the runway threshold. The right wing was found on a taxiway 90m from the nose of the plane.

0 of the 15 crew members and 3 of the 300 passengers died.

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