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Málaga (province)

The province of Málaga (Spanish Provincia de Málaga) is located in the southern coast of Spain, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea at the South, and by the provinces of Cádiz, Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada.

Its area is 7,308 km². Its population is 1,330,010 (2002), of whom two-fifths live in the capital Málaga, and its population density is 181.99/km².

Its main industry and claim to fame is its tourist resorts, particularly those on the beaches along The Sun Coast (Costa del Sol). These beaches are visited by millions of European tourists. But besides the beaches, the mountainous province has some very interesting places to visit, like the gorge of El Chorro or the Torcal in Antequera

Málaga contains 100 municipalities. Besides the capital, its main cities are Marbella, Nerja and Ronda. See List of municipalities in Málaga.