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Magnifying Transmitter

A Magnifying Transmitter is an advanced type of Tesla's electrical harmonic oscillators. Often cited as Tesla's greatest invention, the Magnifying Transmitter consisted of three coils. In Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla constructed the first "Magnifying Transmitter" and preformed several experiments with it. The Colorado Springs laboratory of Tesla possessed the largest Tesla Coil ever built. The Magnifying Transmitter is not identical to the classic Tesla Coil, but is based in principle on this coil.

The Magnifying Transmitter, at fifty-two feet in diameter, generated millions of volts of electricity and produced lightning bolts one hundred thirty feet long (forty-one metres). According to acounts, Tesla managed to transmit about tens of thousands of watts of power without wires using the magnifier. The Magnifying Transmitter can ultilize the phantom loop to form a circuit to induct energy off of the earth's magnetic field. In operation, high-voltage sparks may strike out in all directions from the toroid into the air. This coil reportedly is the final basis for the Wardenclyffe Tower project.

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Reports and Discoveries

The Magnifying Transmitter produced thunder which was heard from his lab as far away as Cripple Creek. He becomed the first man to create electrical effects on the scale of lightning. People near the lab would observe sparks emitting from the ground to their feet and through their shoes. Some people observed electrical sparks from the fire hydrants (Tesla for a time grounded out to the plumbing of the city). The area around the laboratory would glow with a plasmic blue corona (similar to the phenonomena of St. Elmo's Fire). One of Tesla's experiment with the Magnifying Transmitter destroyed Colorado Springs Electric Company's generator by backfeeding the city's power generators, and blacked out the city.

Tesla states that he discovered with the device that the Earth's resonance can excited. Tesla set up standing electomagnetic waves with the Magnifying Transmitter in the telluric potential energy. It has been proposed that Tesla was ultilizing the Earth's magnetic fields' extremely low frequencies in a global transciever of power and information. Some posit that this variation of the Tesla coil was mainly intended for wireless transmissions of information.

Consturction and Modeling

The exact construction layout of the Magnifying Transmitter is unknown, though there are photographs of certian implementation of the concept. It is known that the Magnifying Transmitter is not identical to the classic Tesla coil. The Magnifying Transmitter had primary and secondary inductors characteristic of the classic Tesla coil. Though, inaddition to these coil, Nikola Tesla added a third inductor coil known as the "extra coil". The Magnifying Transmitter resonated at a natural quarter wavelength frequency. The Magnifying Transmitter produces currents or discharges of very high tension for various valuable uses. Tesla also worked with the magnifying transmitter in a continuous wave mode and in a damped-wave resonant mode. Many investigators focus on the distributed "transmission line" analysis of this type of three coil magnifying system (than the usual lumped-constant analysis).

In current construction implementations of the Magnifying Transmitter, a helical resonator is physically separated (forming an independent open circuit) from the two connected central coils which comprise the master oscillator section. Some propose that the power from the two-coil master oscillator section is fed to the lower end of the extra coil resonator through a heavy electrical conductor. Reportedly, this is established in order to minimize inductive coupling between the two systems. The magnifying transmitter's base-driven extra coil reportedly behaves as slow-wave helical resonators, the axial disturbance propagating less than 1% up to around 10% the speed of light in free space. The Magnifying Transmitter's axial velocity electromagnetic field is determined from the coil pitch and electrical charge propagation speed through the circuit.

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