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M2 Bradley

General Characteristics (M2 Bradley)
Length: 6.55 metres
Width: 3.61 metres
Height: 2.565 metres
Speed:66 km/hour (road)
- (off-road)
7.2 km/hour (by water)
Range: 483 kilometres
Primary armament:25mm Chain Gun
TOW Anti-Tank Missile
Secondary armament: 7.62mm machine gun
Power plant:-
Crew:3 + (6 passangers)

The M2 Bradley and M3 Bradley are American infantry fighting vehicles.

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Production History

The Bradley is a replacement for the M113 family of APCs and consists of two types of veicles, the M2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle. Since both vehicles are based on the same chassis they differ in only some details. The M2 carries a crew of three and a six man infantry squad. The M3 on the other hand carries only a two man scout team and additional radios, TOW and Dragon or Javelin missiles.

6,724 Bradleys have been produced. (4,641 M2s and 2,083 M3s) They are produced by United Defense, L.P


The same variants are also found of the M3.

Combat History

During the Gulf War the Bradleys destroyed more Iraqi armour than the M1 Abrams.

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