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Combat Vehicle 90

General Characteristics (CV9030 export version)
Length: -
Width: -
Height: -
Weight:26 tons
Speed:70 km/h (road)
43 km/h (off-road)
Range: -
Primary armament: Bushmaster II, 30 mm cannon
Secondary armament:optional machine gun
Power plant: -
Crew: 3 + (8 passangers)

The Combat Vehicle 90 or CV 90 (Stridsfordon 90) is a Swedish infantry fighting vehicle produced by Alvis Hägglunds AB.

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Production History

Production of the CV 90 began in 1993, and over 1,000 vehicles have been ordered.


There are also forward observation and command vehicles which packs only a machine gun. They can be equipped with a dummy main gun to prevent them from being identified as such.

The CV 90 has also been fitted with the AMOS (Advanced Mortar System).

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