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Lydia Kavina

Lydia Kavina (born September 8, 1967) is universally recognised as being the greatest virtuoso of the Theremin in the world.

The niece of one of Lev Termen’s first-degree cousins, Kavina was born in Moscow and began studying the Theremin under the direction of Termen when she was nine years old. Five years later she was ready to give her first Theremin concert, which marked the beginning of a musical career that has so far led to more than 500 theatre, radio and television performances throughout the world. In addition to giving concerts, Lydia is a composer of music for the Theremin and teaches the instrument in Russia, the United States and Western Europe. Together with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, she participated in creating the sound track of the Oscar-winning film Ed Wood. Lydia Kavina has recorded two compact discs: "Music from the Ether" (1999) and "Concerto per Theremin. Live in Italy" (2001).

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