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Lushnjė (Albanian: Lushnjė or Lushnja) is a town of Central-West Albania located at 40.95°N, 19.71°E. It is the center of the District of Lushnjė in the Prefecture of Fier and has a population of about 38,000 (2003 est.). The town was founded in late medieval time by a Turkish widow called Salushe. She built a restoring point in the way passing from Durrės to Berat. This way the town was born.

In January of 1920, Lushnjė was a provisional capital of Albania and the place of the Congress of Lushnjė. Chieftains of Albania assembled in town and they declared Tirana first a provisional and then the definitive capital of Albania. The Lushnjė district is known as a main provider of agricultural products to the rest of the country. It is one of very few field districts of mountainous Albania.

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