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Congress of Lushnjė

The Congress of Lushnjė (Albanian: Kongresi i Lushnjės) was held in five sessions on January 27-January 31, 1920 in Lushnjė, Albania by Albanian nationalists and had as its goal the study of the Albanian situation and the measures to be adopted in order to save Albania from being partitioned among other countries after World War I. The Congress was held in the house of Kaso Fuga and it was comprised of delegates from all of Albanian. Aqif Pashė Elbasani was elected as speaker of the Congress as he was held in high regard as a great patriot. It established the High Council (Kėshilli i Lartė), the National Council (Kėshillin Kombėtar), and moved the capital from Lushnjė to Tirana. The High Council was made up of Luigj Bumēi, Aqif Pashė Elbasani, Abdi Toptani, and Dr. Mihal Turtulli who would perform the function of the leaders of the new Albanian state, whereas the National Council would function as the Parliament. At this time, Ahmet Zogu was elected Minister of Internal Affairs, Mehmet Konica - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hoxhė Kadria - Minister of Justice, Ndoc Ēoba - Minister of Finance, Sotir Peēi - Minister of Education, Ali Riza Kolonja - Minister of War, Eshref Frashėri - General Director of World Affairs, and Idhomene Kosturi - General Director of the Post-Telegraph Agency.

The Congress was also concerned with the Government of Durrės that had the backing of the invading Italian army. It was alleged that Abdyl Ypi, the initiator of the Congress, had been assassinated by members of the Government of Durrės, who wanted to scare off the other delegates to the Congress. During its first session, the Congress decided unanimously on the downing of the Government of Durrės, which they saw as aiding the enemies of Albania.


This text is based on a translation from the text found here [1].