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Ludovico Antonio Muratori

Ludovico Antonio Muratori (1672 - 1750) was an Italian historian, notable as a leading scholar of his age, and for his discovery of the Muratorian fragment, the earliest known list of New Testament books.

Born at Vignola and ordained a priest, he spent much of his career as archivist and librarian at the ducal library in Modena, where he died. He edited the Rerum Italicarum scriptores (28 vol., 1723 1751) and Antiquitates Italicae medii aevii (6 vol., 17381742), both of which are important collections of sources, and wrote a history of Italy (1744 - 1749) in 12 volumes.

In 1950, Italy issued a postage stamp honoring him on the 200th anniversary of his death.