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A librarian is a professional worker in a library. Although librarians are traditionally associated with collections of books, they are experts in the organization and retrieval of information in any format.


Librarians can be found be found in many areas. Public libraries, public schools and university libraries are the most common employers. Librarians can also be found at businesses, government departments, hospitals, law firms, museums, and other large organizations where academic research is performed or that store large quantities of information.

It is usual for a librarian to have an MLS (Master of Library Science) degree from an accredited university. Library technicians (also called assistant librarians or library assistants) may perform duties such as searching for items in the library catalog or basic cataloging, but lack the Master's degree.

The specific duties vary depending on the size and type of library and number of employees, but most librarians spend most of their time working in one of the following areas of a library:

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In the discworld book series by Terry Pratchett there is a librarian who has been magicallyally turned into an orangutan, if you are looking for him; I suggest you check out The Librarian (Discworld).

St. Jerome is the patron saint of librarians and translators.