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Lucifer (comics)

Lucifer is a comic book published by Vertigo Comics, an imprint of DC Comics. The series concerns the adventures on Earth of the fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar, who had abandoned his lordship over Hell earlier in the separate series The Sandman. Lucifer is also the name of the character in that series.

Written by Mike Carey, Lucifer improbably runs a piano bar called "Lux" in Los Angeles with the assistance of his sinister female cohort, Mazikeen. Lucifer is portrayed as sophisticated and almost charming, rather than the stereotypical devil. Beneath this veneer, however, Lucifer is portrayed as a deadly and Machiavellianan character, with no regard for human life or indeed anyone aside from himself: a proud and vindictive fallen angel who has no qualms in using powers which are second only to those of God.

Lucifer's "blissful" retirement is disturbed by a series of associates from his past, and after a certain triggering events he sets out to create a universe in competition to (and against the wishes of) God.

The series, as of April 2003, has yet to be completed, and has thus far been collected in four anthologies, with a separate story (Lucifer: Nirvana) published as a graphic novel.

The book is heavily influenced by Paradise Lost by John Milton.


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