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Louis X of France

Louis X (October 4, 1289 - June 5, 1316), King of France from 1314 to 1316, was a member of the Capetian Dynasty.

He was born in Paris, France, son of Philip IV of France and Jeanne of Navarre.

On the death of his father in 1314, he became king of France and was officially crowned at Reims in August 1315. He took the additional title king of Navarre on the death of his mother, on April 2, 1305.

On September 21, 1305 he married Marguerite de Bourgogne (Burgundy) and they had a daughter, Jeanne (January 28, 1312 - October 6, 1349). Louis accused his wife of adultery and she was imprisoned and died in the chateau Gaillard. On August 13, 1315 he married Clemence d'Anjou (1293 - 1328), daughter of Charles Martel and sister of Charles I of Hungary.

The reign of Louis X was short and unremarkable, dominated by the continued feuding with the noble factions within the kingdom.

Louis died at Vincennes, Val-de-Marne. He was interred with his second wife Clemence in Saint Denis Basilica.

At the time of Louis's death, his wife Clemence was pregnant, making it impossible to know Louis's successor until the time his child was born. If the child were a son, he would succeed Louis as king: had the child been a daughter, Louis would have been succeeded by his brother Philip V. (John I's half-sister Jeanne, as a female, could not succeed to the throne of France; she did, however, retain rights in the succession of Navarre).

Philip V was appointed regent for the five months remaining until the birth of his brother's child, who turned out to be male. Thus Louis was succeeded by his posthumous son Jean I, who lived only five days. Louis X's brother Philip then became king.

Preceded by:
Philip IV
List of French monarchs Succeeded by:
(Philip V regent for John I)