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Philip V of France

Philippe V, the Tall (1293 - January 3, 1322) was King of France from 1317 to 1322, a member of the Capetian dynasty.

He was the second son of King Philippe IV and Jeanne of Navarre. Philippe became regent for his infant nephew King Jean I, and when Jean lived only a few days, he proclaimed himself king. There was much speculation that Philippe was responsible for the infant king's demise.

In 1307 he was married to Jeanne de Bourgogne (daughter and heiress of Otto IV, count of Burgundy) and they had three daughters:

  1. Jeanne (1308 - 1349)
  2. Marguerite (1310 - May 9, 1382)
  3. Isabelle (c. 1311 - April, 1345)
They also had a son whose name was either Philip or Louis and who died in 1317.

In 1320, Philippe V managed to expand his territory at the expense of Flanders as a result of war. On domestic matters, King Philippe attempted to institute government reforms and worked to standardize weights and measures.

King Philippe V died at Longchamp, Paris and is interred in Saint Denis Basilica.

Without a male heir, he was succeeded by his younger brother, Charles IV.

Preceded by:
(John I)
List of French monarchs Succeeded by:
Charles IV