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Louis of Savoy

Louis (Ludovico or Lodovico in Italian, b.1413-d.1465) was the Duke of Savoy from 1440 to 1465.

He married Anne of Lusignano, titular heiress of Cyprus and Jerusalem and a daughter of a king of Cyprus. They had 6 children:

  1. Amedeo
  2. Louis (b.1436-d.1482), married Charlotte of Lusignano
  3. Margaret (d.1483)
  4. Charlotte (b.1442-d.1483), married Louis XI of France
  5. Filippo
  6. Bona (b.1449-d.1503), married Galeazzo Marie Sforza, duke of Milan

In 1453 he received, from Margaret de Charny, the Shroud of Turin, which would have been property of the house of Savoy until 1946, at the end of the Kingdom of Italy. The Shroud of Turin was bequeathed to the Holy See in 1983.

Preceded by:
Amedeo VIII
House of Savoy Succeeded by:
Amedeo IX