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Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Louis IV of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach, born 1282, was duke of Bavaria from 1294, duke of the Palatinate from 1329 and, after 1314, Holy Roman Emperor. Louis died on October 11, 1347.

Louis was the son of Louis II, Duke of Upper Bavaria, who was married to Beatrix von Silesia-Glogau. Their children were:

In 1324 he married Margaret of Holland, countess of Hainaut and Holland. Their children were: In January 1328 he entered Rome and had himself crowned emperor by the aged senator Sciarra Colonna, called captain of the Roman people. Three months later Louis published a decree declaring "Jacque de Cahors" (Pope John XXII) deposed on grounds of heresy. He then installed a Spiritual Franciscan, Pietro Rainalducci as Antipope Nicholas V, but he was deposed after Louis left Rome in early 1329.

Preceded by:
Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
List of German Kings and Emperors Succeeded by:
Charles IV of Luxemburg