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Lopburi province

Area:6,199.8 km²
Ranked 37th
Inhabitants:743,033 (2001)
Ranked 30th
Pop. density:120 inh./km²
Ranked 38th
ISO 3166-2:TH-16

Lopburi (Thai ลพบุรี) is one of the central provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Phetchabun, Chaiyaphum, Nakhon Ratchasima, Saraburi, Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Sing Buri and Nakhon Sawan.

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Lopburi is located on the east side of the Chao Phraya river valley.


Lopburi probably dates back to prehistoric times. During the Dvaravati period (6th to 11th century) it was called Lavo. The Khmer erased the traces of the previous rulers, and built many impressive temples. Lopburi might have liberated itself from the Khmer rulership at least temporarily, as it sent independent embassies to China twice in 1115 and 1155. In 1289 it sent an embassy again, but then soon became associated with the Thai kingdom Sukhothai and later Ayutthaya. King Narai of Ayutthaya made Lopburi the second capital of the country in middle of the 17th century as Ayutthaya was threatened by the Dutch.


The provincial seal shows King Narai in front of the Khmer temple Phra Prang Sam Yod.

The provincial tree as well as the provincial flower is the Bullet Wood (Mimusops elengi).

Administrative divisions

  1. Muang Lopburi
  2. Phattana Nikhom
  3. Khok Samrong
  4. Chai Badan
  5. Tha Wung
  6. Ban Mi
  1. Tha Luang
  2. Sa Bot
  3. Khok Charoen

  4. Lam Sonthi
  5. Nong Muang

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