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Ang Thong province

Capital:Ang Thong
Area:968.4 km²
Ranked 71st
Inhabitants:268,816 (2001)
Ranked 67th
Pop. density:278 inh./km²
Ranked 12th
ISO 3166-2:TH-15

Ang Thong (Thai อ่างทอง) is one of the central provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Sing Buri, Lopburi, Ayutthaya and Suphanburi.

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Ang Thong is a low river flat, crossed by the Chao Phraya and the Noi river. It has neither mountains nor forests, but consists of mostly agricultural land. The two rivers together with many canals (khlongs) provide enough water for rice farming.


Ang Thong was historically known as Wiset Chai Chan, located on the Noi river. It formed an important border town of the Ayutthaya kingdom during the wars with Burma. During the reign of king Taksin after the fall of Ayutthaya the main city of the province was moved to the Chao Phraya river, and named Ang Thong.


The provincial seal shows some golden ears of rice in a bowl of water. This symbolizes the fertility of province as one of the major producers of rice.

Provincial tree is the Gaub Tree (Diospyros malabarica).

Administrative divisions

  1. Mueang Ang Thong
  2. Chaiyo
  3. Pa Mok
  4. Pho Thong
  1. Sawaeng Ha
  2. Wisat Chai Chan
  3. Samko

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