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List of rulers of Bavaria

The following is a list of rulers of Bavaria:

Table of contents
1 Dukes of Bavaria, 889-1623
2 Electors of Bavaria, 1623-1805
3 Kings of Bavaria, 1805-1918
4 Heads of the House of Bavaria since 1918
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Dukes of Bavaria, 889-1623

Liutpolding Dynasty

Liudolfing (Ottonian) Dynasty

Liutpolding Dynasty

Liudolfing Dynasty

House of Luxemburg

Salian Dynasty

House of Luxemburg

Salian Dynasty

House of Supplinburg

Welf Dynasty

Babenberg Dynasty

Welf Dynasty

Wittelsbach Dynasty

On Otto II's death, Bavaria was divided between his sons. Henry became Duke of Lower Bavaria, and Louis of Upper Bavaria. From this point until the beginning of the 16th century, the territories were frequently divided between brothers, making the Dukes difficult to list.

Dukes of Lower Bavaria

Dukes of Upper Bavaria

Following the death of the last Duke of Lower Bavaria, Bavaria was reunited under Emperor Louis IV (Louis III of Bavaria)

Dukes of Bavaria

at Stephen II's death, Bavaria was divided again between his sons, who became Duks of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, Bavaria-Landshut, and Bavaria-Munich

Dukes of Bavaria-Ingolstadt

Dukes of Bavaria-Landshut

Dukes of Bavaria-Munich

In 1503, all the Bavarian lands were reunited under Albert iV

Dukes of Bavaria

Electors of Bavaria, 1623-1805

In 1623, Elector Maximilian I of Bavaria was raised to Electoral Status, gaining the seat of the Elector Palatine, who had been put under the ban of the Empire.

Kings of Bavaria, 1805-1918

In 1805, Bavaria became a Kingdom, and Elector Maximilian IV became King Maximilian I

Heads of the House of Bavaria since 1918

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