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List of Roman usurpers

The following is an attempted list usurpers of the Roman Empire. For an overview of the problem and consequences of usurpation see Roman usurpers.


Table of contents
1 Emperor usurpers
2 Unsuccessful usurpers in the 3rd century

Emperor usurpers

This is a listing of Roman emperors that so became due to their own initiative with neither family ties to the previous nor senatorial appointement.

First Roman Imperial civil war: the year of the four emperors (69 AD)

From 193 to the tetrarchy (crisis of the third century)

Unsuccessful usurpers in the 3rd century

List of to be emperors eventually defeated by the ruling sovereign, listed by reign. The noted date is the attempted usurpation.

Heliogabalus: 218-222

Alexander Severus: 222-235

Maximinus Thrax: 235-238

Gordian III: 238-244

Philip the Arab: 244-249

Decius: 249-251

Gallienus: 253-268

Claudius II: 268-270

Aurelian: 270-275

Probus: 276-282