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List of organic gardening and farming topics

This page is a list of topics that are relevant to both Organic gardening and Organic farming.

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Composting methods and systems
Windrow composting
German mound
Leaf mold
High fibre composting
Worm compost
Spent mushroom compost
Sheet composting
"Humanure" (composting human waste)
Green manure
Leguminous plants
Seaweed fertiliser
  • Techniques
    No dig gardening
    Companion planting
    Succession planting
    Multiple cropping
    Crop rotation
    Weed control techniques (see also 'weeds' below)
    Stale seed bed
    Xeriscaping (water wise gardening)
    Greywater irrigation
    Pollination management
  • Tools
  • Cultivation;
    Pruning and tree care;
    • Secatuers
    Pruning saw
    Bow saw
  • Propagation
    Growing from seed;
    Seed saving
    Seed bed
    Taking cuttings
    Root division
  • Wildlife in the garden
    Birds in the organic garden
  • Crops
    List of vegetables
    How to cultivate barley
    How to cultivate beans
    How to cultivate vetch (a. k. a. tare)
    How to cultivate potatos
    How to cultivate turnips
    List of herbs
    Fruit trees
    Fruit tree forms
    Pruning fruit trees
    Fruit tree propagation
    Fruit tree pollination
    Cover crops
  • The ornamental organic garden
    List of flowers
    Flower album (illustrations of many ornamental flowers)
    Organic lawn management
  • Pests and diseases
    Integrated pest management
    Biological pest control
    Physiological plant disorders (ie,plant disorders caused by environmental factors, such as weather conditions, nutrient deficiencies, etc)
  • Nutrient deficiencies
    Calcium deficiency
    Iron deficiency
    Magnesium deficiency
    Manganese deficiency
    Nitrogen deficiency
    Phosphorus deficiency
    Potassium deficiency
    Plant pathology (ie, plant diseases caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc)
    Honey fungus
    Specific replant disease
    Rust (fungus)
    Disease resistance in fruit and vegetables
  • Weeds (see also 'weed control techniques' above)
    Indicator plants
    Dynamic accumulators
  • Organic organisations
    Henry Doubleday Research Association (main organisation promoting organic gardening in the UK)
    Rodale Institute Rodale Institute
    Soil Association (UK)
    Permaculture Association (Britain)
    Good Gardeners Association (UK)
    Vegan Organic Network
  • Some important figures in the organic gardening movement (please add names in alphabetical order)
    Lady Eve Balfour
    Marc Bonfils
    Peter Caddy
    Dr Shewell Cooper
    Bob Flowerdew
    Masanobu Fukuoka
    Alan Gear
    Geoff Hamilton
    Robert Hart
    Emilia Hazelip
    Lawrence D Hills
    Sir Albert Howard
    Joy Larcom
    Bill Mollison
    Eliot Coleman
  • Related topics
    Biodynamic farming
    Biodynamic gardening
    Community Supported Agriculture
    Forest gardening
    Local food
    Organic certification
    Organic farming
    Organic food
    Organic movement
    Synergistic gardening
    Vegan organic horticulture and agriculture
    Wildlife gardening

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