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List of Magic School Bus books, episodes, and software

See The Magic School Bus for character profiles and general information on the series.

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The original Magic School Bus books are:

Television Show

The episodes in the cartoon series are :

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


The educational software made by Microsoft includes:

Original Titles

Most of the original titles were created with Music Pen. Though in the cartoon series, the bus was obviously animated in the usual way, in the CD-ROM games, it is typically animated with computer generated imagery. In all these titles the user gets to "drive" the bus, which almost always involves clicking on the steering wheel and choosing a location. (The exception is The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth where it is the gearshift instead of the steering wheel.) Most of the games have about seven different locations, including the classroom. There is always some goal for the user in each one.

Activity Centres

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