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A pickle is a fruit or vegetable (usually a cucumber) that has been preserved and flavored in either a brine (salt solution) or a vinegar solution, or a combination of the two.

Pickle may also refer to the pickling solution, or similar solutions used for different purposes, such as removing scale from metal or preserving wood. The word pickle sometimes means a tough situation, or it may refer to a difficult or annoying person.

In the following discussion, the word pickle refers to a pickled cucumber. For information about the process of pickling, or about foods other than cucumbers which may be pickled, see pickling.

It is believed that pickles were first made 4500 years ago in Mesopotamia. Cleopatra thought pickles made her beautiful. The armies of Julius Caesar and Napoleon were fed pickles. During World War II, forty percent of the pickles produced in the US went to the armed forces.

There are many different types of pickles based on differences in preparation, added ingredients, especially spices, size, and form.

refrigerated dills

Pickles are made in one of three ways:

Dill pickles are sour. Kosher pickles are garlic-flavored dills. Bread and butter pickles are onion-flavored and sweet.

A gherkin is a small cucumber (there are as many as 8500 gherkins in a 45 gallon barrel). A midget is even smaller (there are up to 30,000 small midgets in a barrel).

See also: food preservation

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