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List of collective nouns for reptiles and amphibians

Also see Collective noun

crocodiles A bask of crocodiles
crocodiles A congregation of crocodiles
crocodiles A float of crocodiles
crocodiles A nest of crocodiles
cobras A quiver of cobras
dragons A flight of dragons
dragons A weyr of dragons
dragons A wing of dragons
frogs An army of frogs
frogs A colony of frogs
frogs A knot of frogs
iguanas A mess of iguanas
lizards A lounge of lizards Spurious
monitors A bank of monitors
rattlesnakes A rhumba of rattlesnakes
snakes A bed of snakes
snakes A den of snakes
snakes A nest of snakes
snakes A pit of snakes
snakes A slither of snakes
toads A knot of toads
turtles A bale of turtles
turtles A dule of turtles
turtles A nest of turtles
turtles A turn of turtles
vipers A nest of vipers