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List of collective nouns for people

Also see Collective noun

academics A faculty of academics
accountants A balance of accountants Uncertain
actors A cast of actors
actors A company of actors
anatomists A corps of anatomists Spurious
arsonists A conflagration of arsonists
athletes A team of athletes
automobile dealers A lot of automobile dealers Spurious
pipers A poverty of pipers
barbers A babble of barbers Spurious
barons A thought of barons
beauties A bevy of beauties
bookkeepers An audit of bookkeepers
bureaucrats A bloat of bureaucrats Spurious
bureaucrats A shuffle of bureaucrats
cardiologists A flutter of cardiologists Spurious
starlets A galaxy of starlets
cobblers A drunken ship of cobblers
courtiers A threatening of courtiers
critics A pan of critics Spurious
doctors A doctrine of doctors
pupils A dilation of pupils Spurious
employees A staff of employees
engineers A geek of engineers Spurious
secret agents A bond of secret agents Spurious
experts A panel of experts
fishermen An exaggeration of fishermen Spurious
friars A scull of friars
mourners A cortege of mourners
geologists A conglomerate of geologists Spurious
girls A giggle of girls
goths A pretense of goths
grandparents A wisdom of grandparents
hackers A cruft of hackers Spurious
harpers A melody of harpers
hoodlums A gang of hoodlums
horsemen A cavalcade of horsemen
husbands A multiply of husbands
idiots A thicket of idiots Spurious
jugglers A neverthriving of jugglers
knights A banner of knights
knights A rout of knights
ladies A bevy of ladies
lawyers A huddle of lawyers
lepers A colony of lepers
librarians A catalogue of librarians Spurious
men A band of men
mathematicians A number of mathematicians
mathematicians A set of mathematicians
matrons A riches of matrons
mechanics A clutch of mechanics Spurious
meteorologists A shower of meteorologists Spurious
misers A horde of misers Spurious
monks An abomination of monks (see note) Spurious
natives A tribe of natives
nudists A hangout of nudists Spurious
nuns A superfluity of nuns
onlookers A crowd of onlookers
orthodontists A brace of orthodontists Spurious
painters An illusion of painters
pathologists A body of pathologists Spurious
performers A troupe of performers
philosophers A ponder of philosophers
physicists A nucleus of physicists Spurious
theoretical physicists A field of theoretical physicists Spurious
plumbers A flush of plumbers Spurious
preachers A converting of preachers
prelates A pontifica of prelates
princes A state of princes
programmers An asylum of programmers Spurious
harlots A heard of harlots
prostitutes An anthology of prostitutes (see note) Spurious
psychoanalysts A complex of psychoanalysts Spurious
relatives A descent of relatives Spurious
scots A disworship of scots
senators A house of senators
servants An obesiance of servants
sailors A crew of sailors
soldiers A brigade of soldiers
soldiers A company of soldiers
soldiers A division of soldiers
soldiers A platoon of soldiers
soldiers A squad of soldiers
stockbrokers A portfolio of stockbrokers Spurious
strumpets A blast of strumpets Spurious
students A class of students
tailors A disguising of tailors
thieves A den of thieves
toddlers A mine of toddlers Spurious
tourists A flock of tourists
tree surgeons A graft of tree surgeons Spurious
troops A parel of troops
tubas (players) A tumult of tubas (players) Spurious
vicaries (vicars) A prudence of vicaries (vicars)
waiters An indifference of waiters Spurious
whores A snatch of whores Spurious
widows An ambush of widows Spurious
witches A coven of witches
women A gaggle of women
worshipers A congregation of worshipers
yeomen A fellowship of yeomen

The phrase "An abomination of monks" is frequently cited as a legitimate collective noun for monks. It is actually a misinterpretation of the title of a protestant treatise written by Jan Hus around 1400.

An "anthology of prostitutes" is a pun on "anthology of prose", as "pro" is a common contraction for prostitute in Britain and elsewhere.