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Lincoln automobile

Lincoln is an American automobile brand. The company was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland.

Leland, one of the founders of Cadillac, left the Cadillac division of General Motors during World War I and formed the Lincoln Motor Company to build Liberty aircraft engines. After the war, the company's factories were retooled to manufacture luxury automobiles.

The company encountered severe financial troubles during the transition, and was consequently bought by Ford Motor Company in 1922, who still owns and manufactures cars under the Lincoln marque in its Lincoln-Mercury division.

The Continental Mark II was produced by the short-lived Continental division from April 1955 to July 1956 before it was returned to the Lincoln marque. The Edsel division was merged with the Lincoln-Mercury division in January 1958 to form the Lincoln-Edsel-Mercury division until the Edsel was discontinued in 1960.

As recently as 1998 Lincoln was the best-selling luxury brand in the United States, helped by the massive success of the Navigator SUV. In recent years, however, the company has fallen behind Japanese, European, and American competitors for a lack of new models.

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