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Library of Congress Classification:Class P, subclass PB -- Modern languages and Celtic languages

Subclass PB: Modern languages. Celtic languages is a classification used by the Library of Congress classification system under Class P -- Language and Literature. This article describes subclass PB.


PB 1-3029 Modern languages; Celtic languages
1-431 General
1001-3029 Celtic languages and literature
1101-1200 Goidelic; Gaelic
1201-1449 Irish
1501-1709 Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic, Erse)
1801-1867 Manx
1950 Pict
2001-3029 Brittanic group
2101-2499 Welsh; Cymric
2501-2621 Cornish
2801-2932 Breton; Armorican
3001-3029 Gaulish


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