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LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University is a private Christian school in Longview, Texas.

The school offers numerous undergraduate degrees, most of which are Engineering, Aeronautics and Computer Science focused. The Liberal Arts, Business and Educational departments are slowly helping to round-out the overwhelmingly techie (and male) student population. The school also offers extensive business and management graduate classes in Houston, Dallas, Tyler and Longview.

Most of the 1,500 students live on campus, as the school requires all freshmen and sophomores to live in dorms or on-campus apartments. The campus is in the south side of Longview; it is often called an oasis among low-income housing. The mostly Caucasian students are in stark contrast to their African-American and Hispanic neighbors.

The school's mascot is a yellow jacket and the colors are yellow and blue. Chapel attendance is required three times a week. The school competes in the American Southwest Conference.

Short 10-15 minute devotions are held before each class by the professor or a student. The campus is completely networked, with 100-mbit connections available nearly everywhere. That's good because everyone has a computer.

Soccer, football, volleyball and basketball intramurals are highly valued. Somewhat unique to LeTourneau is floor pride. Every floor in the dorms has its own student-created name, logo, and t-shirt. Floors often have rivalries and freshman "orientation" to build floor unity.

LeTourneau boasts many student-led foundations and a very active student senate. Student senate has a large amount of money allocated to it each year to fund spring break missions, campus activities, and other projects as deemed by the representative body. The YellowJacket Activities Council creates as many diversions as possible. Concerts, midnight festivals, movies, paintball, valentine parties and other activities help keep the students from going completely mad.

The school emphasizes integrating faith with education.

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