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Legislative Council (Isle of Man)

The Legislative Council of the Isle of Man is the upper Branch of the Tynwald, or Legislature, of the Island.

Known in the Manx language as Yn Choonceil Slattyssagh, it consists of eleven indirectly elected members, known as Members of the Legislative Council or MLCs. The House of Keys votes by secret ballot to elect the MLCs, who must be twenty-one years old and a resident for three years, to four year terms; four members are chosen at a time so that the Council has a rotating membership.

Also, the President of the Tynwald, who is chosen by the whole Tynwald for a six-year term, is the ex officio President of the Legislative Council. Furthermore, the Church of England's Bishop of Sodor and Man and the Attorney General appointed by the Monarch of the United Kingdom have seats on the Legislative Council. The President has a casting vote, the Bishop may vote like other members, while the Attorney General may not vote at all.

The Council does not originate legislation. Instead, it reviews legislation from the House of Keys. The Council, being elected by the MHKs themselves, does not have significant authority in the Tynwald.