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Latin names of mountains

Mountains like Hymettus have a Latinized Greek origin Hymettos.

Here are a list of mountains that are found in the Latin language.

LatinEnglish name, [other name(s)], [older name(s)], [state/province/region], [nation or state], [continent]
Aegaleus¹Mount Aegaleus, Piraeus, Greece
AenosMount Ainos, Kefallinia/Cephallonia, Greece
Aetna¹Mount Etna, Sicily
Alpis (ranges)Alps, France to Austria
Alpis Australia?Australian Alps, New South Wales
Andes (ranges)Andes, Chile to Colombia
Aroania¹Mount Aroania/Chelmos, Greece
Atlas¹ (ranges)Atlas Mountains, NW Africa
CaucasusCaucasus mountains, Georgia to Azerbaijan
Cyllene¹Mount Cyllene, Kylléne
Dalmatia (Alpis)Dalmatian Mountains, Damlatia, S Croatia, West Balkans
Dirphys¹Mount Dirphys, Greece
ElbrusMount Elbrus, Caucasus
Erymanthus¹Mount Erymanthus (Olonos)
Helicon¹Mount Helicon, Greece
Hymettus¹Mount Hymettus, Greece
Minthe¹Mount Minthe, Elia, Greece
Oenoe¹Mount Oenoe, Greece
Olympicus (montes)Olympic Mountains, Washington
Olympus Mons¹ (Asia Minor)Mount Olympus, W Turkey
Olympus Mons¹ (Cyprus)Mount Olympus, Cyprus
Olympus Mons¹Mount Olympus, Greece
Olympus Mons¹ (N. Zelandia)Mount Olympus, New Zealand
Olympus Mons¹ (Tenn.)Mount Olympus, Tennessee
Olympus Mons¹ (UT)Mount Olympus, Utah
Olympus Mons¹ (Vasingtonia, Olympicus)Mount Olympus, Washington
Ossa¹Mount Ossa, Thessaly, Greece
Ossa (Tasmania)Mount Ossa, Tasmania
Parnassus¹Mount Parnassus, Greece
Pholoe¹Mount Pholoe, Greece
Pindus¹Pindus, Pindos
Parnetha¹Mount Parnetha, Parnitha, Greece
Scollis¹Mount Scollis, Greece
Taurus¹ (ranges)Taurus Mountains, S Turkey
Taygetus¹Mount Taygetus, Taygetos
TransylvaniaTransylvania, N Romania
VerginaMount Vergina, Greece

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