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There are three rivers named Krka (Latin name Korkoras):
  1. Slovenia - length circa 105 km, a right tributary of the river Sava. It has its source approximately 25 km southeast of Ljubljana.
  2. Croatia (Dalmatia) - length circa 73 km, famous for its numerous waterfalls. The river has its source near the Croatia - Bosnia-Herzegovina border in the foot of the Dinara mountain. It flows passing Knin in Inner Dalmatia towards south and it enters the Prokljansko jezero near Skradin. Before its outflow the river forms beautiful and well known waterfalls called Skradinski Buk, part of Krka, national park.
  3. Austria, Slovenian name for the river Gurk - length circa 120 km, a left tributary of the river Drave (Drau, Drava) in the south of Carinthia.