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Drave (German Drau, Slovenian and Croatian Drava, Hungarian Dráva) is a river in eastern Central Europe, flowing East from Alto Adige, Italy through Carinthia, Austria, and Slovenia (145 km) then southeast, forming most of the Croatian-Hungarian border before joining the Danube near Osijek. Length: 725 km (450 mi).

Drave flows through Lienz, Spittal, Villach, Ferlach in Austria, Dravograd, Vuzenica, Muta, Maribor, Ptuj, Ormož in Slovenia, Varaždin and Osijek in Croatia, and Barcs in Hungary. Drave is navigable (about 90 km) from Čađavica in Croatia to its outfall. Main tributaries of Drave are: Gail in Austria and Mislinja, Dravinja and Bednja in Slovenia from the left, and Gurk in Austria and Mur in Slovenia from the right.