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Knowing Me, Knowing You

Knowing Me, Knowing You (also known as Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge) is a UK comedy show first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as a six-episode series, which subsequently transferred to BBC television in 1994 with a series of six episodes, and a Christmas special (Knowing Me, Knowing Yule). The show was a parody of a chat show, and both the radio and television versions were so embarrassingly accurate that listeners and viewers often thought they were the real thing.

Steve Coogan played the incompetent, annoying and presumably deeply disturbed Norwich-based host, Alan Partridge. Alan was a spin-off character from the spoof radio show On The Hour (later made for TV as The Day Today).

Knowing Me, Knowing You was written by Coogan, Armando Iannucci (who produced the radio version) and Patrick Marber (who also starred), with contributions from the regular supporting cast of Doon Machikan, Rebecca Front and David Schneider, who made up Alan's weekly onslaught of annoying and inane guests. Steve Brown also appeared as the man in charge of the house band, Glen Ponder.

Alan went on to appear in two series of the sitcom I'm Alan Partridge.