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Kishi Nobusuke

Kishi Nobusuke (岸 信介 November 13,1896 - August 7,1987) was a Japanese politician and the 56th and 57th Prime Minister from February 25,1957 to June 12,1958 and from June 12,1958 to July 19,1960.

He was born in Tokyo.

He was minister under the government of Tojo Hideki.

He was jailed at the beginning of the American occupation of Japan after WWII. Later, he was Prime Minister of Japan between 25 February 1957 and 19 July 1960.

In 1959, he visited Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Sato Eisaku is his younger brother.

Preceded by:
Ishibashi Tanzan
Prime ministers of Japan Succeeded by:
Ikeda Hayato