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Kings of the Wild Frontier

Kings of the Wild Frontier is a New Wave-punk album by Adam & the Ants, released in 1980 (see 1980 in music). After having his previous backing band wooed away by producer Malcolm McLaren, who used them to form Bow Wow Wow, Adam Ant recorded Kings of the Wild Frontier with guitarist Marco Pirroni. In spite of the difficulties with the recording, Kings of the Wild Frontier has become acknowledged as a classic of artsy pop-oriented post punk rock.

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1 Track listing
2 Personnel
3 Chart positions

Track listing

  1. Dog Eat Dog (Ant/Mercer)
  2. Antmusic (Ant/Pirroni)
  3. Los Rancheros (Ant/Marco)
  4. Feed Me to the Lions (Ant/Marco)
  5. Press Darlings (Ant)
  6. Ants Invasion (Ant/Marco)
  7. Killer in the Home (Ant/Pirroni)
  8. Kings of the Wild Frontier (Ant/Pirroni)
  9. The Magnificent 5 (Ant/Marco)
  10. Don't Be Square (Be There) (Ant/Marco)
  11. Jolly Roger (Ant/Pirroni)
  12. Physical (You're So) (Ant)
  13. The Human Beings (Ant/Pirroni)


Chart positions

Billboard Music Charts (North America) - album 1981 Pop Albums No. 44 Billboard (North America) - singles 1981 Dog Eat Dog Club Play Singles No. 19 1981 Antmusic Mainstream Rock No. 14 1981 Dog Eat Dog Mainstream Rock No. 15 1981 Physical (You're So) Mainstream Rock No. 19