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Malcolm McLaren

An impresario and self-publicist, Malcolm McLaren (born January 22, 1946) was the manager of the punk rock band the Sex Pistols, having "discovered" them (c.1976) while managing the SEX clothes shop with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood in London's Kings Road. Prior to this, he managed the New York Dolls.

He also formed and managed early 1980s pop group Bow Wow Wow and is sometimes credited with developing the talents of Adam Ant and Boy George.

Mclaren also released some work under his own name, most notably an album Duck Rock (1983), which drew on musical styles from north America and South Africa, among others. The tracks "Buffalo Girls" and "Double Dutch" became chart hits in the UK.

During 2000, there was speculation that he might stand to be elected as Mayor of London (he didn't run, ultimately).