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Kingdom of Kent

The Kingdom of Kent was one of the original Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England. Its origins are completely obscure, since by its geographical position it received some of the first waves of the Saxon invasion, at a time when almost no historical information has survived. The name Kent predates the Jutish invadors relates to the much earlier Celtic Kentii tribe whose homeland it was. There is evidence to suggest that Kent and its boundaries relate to this British sub-kingdom because it was handed over in entirety to King Hengist by treaty during the mid 5th Century AD.

Legend mentions a Gwrangon or Gourong viceroy to Vortigern in the 420s or 430s.

(Note that most of the dates of reigns below have multiple alternate values, the sources being in disagreement. The sources mention multiple rulers, as "underkings", although the exact nature of the relationship is not clear.)

In 764 King Offa of Mercia took over Kent, ending its independent existence.

The lands of the kingdom are now part of the County of Kent.