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King Wu of Zhou

King Wu of Zhou (ch 周武王 Pinyin: zhōu wŭ wng) or King Wu of Chou was the first sovereign of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. Various sources quoted that he passed away at the age of 93, 54 or 43.

Personal information

family name Ji (姬 jī) in Chinese
Given Name Fa (發 fa1) in Chinese
Era name none
father King Wen of Zhou (second son)
mother Taisi (太姒)
wife Yi Jiang (邑姜) of state of Qi, daughter of Jiang Shang (姜尚)
children at least 2 sons: King Cheng (to Jiang) and __
approximate duration of reign became king in 1135 BC, established the dynasty in 1122 BC, ruled until 1115 BC
tomb unknown
Temple name unknown
courtesy name unknown
Posthumous name Wu (武 wŭ), literary meaning: "martial"

Preceded by:
Zhou Dynasty Succeeded by:
King Cheng of Zhou