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King of Changyi of Han China

Format of naming convention in English is under discussion at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese).

Prince He of Changyi, ch 昌邑王賀, py. chāng y wng h, wg. Ch'ang-I Wang Ho, (d. after(?) 74 BC) was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty for 27 days in 74 BC. He was installed and deposed by the prominent stateman of his time, Huo Guang .

Personal information

Family name Liu (劉 li) in Chinese
Given name He (賀 py. h) in Chinese
Era name Yuanping (元平 py. yan png) 74 BC
Duration of reign 74 BC
Temple name
Courtesy name
Posthumous name

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Preceded by:
Emperor Zhao of Han China
Western Han Dynasty Succeeded by:
Emperor Xuan of Han China