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Kierspe is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located at the west of the Sauerland at Volme River. Population 18,702 (2002). Area 71.62 km². Kierspe belongs to the district Märkischer Kreis.


In 1003 the small castle 'Haus Rhade', today belonging to Kierspe, is mentioned in a manuscript. Therefore Kierspe celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2003. About 1490 Kierspe was seat of the 'Heilige Feme', an independent jury with the right to give death penalty. Such 'Feme' juries were common in Westphalia at this time.

In 1968, when the districts Altena and Lüdenscheid were merged to one district, the Märkischer Kreis, Kierspe became part of this. On January 1, 1969 Kierspe got city rights.

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