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Kerch (also known as Bospor) was a town on the Kerch peninsula of eastern Crimea, founded by Greek colonists. Once known as Panticapaeum, it had previously served as the capital of the Kingdom of Bosporus in ancient times.

In the 8th century, the Khazars built a fortress in Kerch from stone blocks. Its walls were about 2.5 meters thick. The main local government official during Khazar times was the archon.

Christianity was a major religion in Kerch during the period of Khazar rule. Kerch's "Church of St. John the Baptist" was founded in 717 C.E. The "Church of the Apostles" existed during the late 8th century and early 9th century, according to the "Life of the Apostle Andrew" by Epiphanus.

Today there is a Ukrainian harbour on the Strait of Kerch with ferry connections to Novorossiysk in Russia.

Alternative spellings and names: Karch, Karchev